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StoreMyTone helps you to manage and share all of your favourite guitar effect pedal settings the easiest way.

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Because we love Stompboxes

StoreMyTone will be created both for amateur- and pro guitarists who prefer the sound of stompboxes more than expensive multi-effect pedals. The app will help to remember the position of the knobs, so you don't have mark your pedals again.

Create your virtual pedalboards

Reconstruct your pedals easily within the app. There are thousands of pedals out there and the goal is support as many as possible. You will be able to request your pedal as well.

Personalize your sound

Create a song

The core feature of the app help you to remember which specific pedal was used with a specific setting during each sections (intro, verse, chorus, solo, bridge, outro) of the song. Adjust each knobs the way you use them and hit save. Finally, no more marking!

Get feedback and love

Are you a secret sound engineer locked into room and nobody knows? Share your skills or learn from other guitarist to be better every day. Do you have a band? Share only with specific people and collaborate to get the coolest sound ever!


… and many more.

There are way to many features on the list and
I hope you gonna love them all. Stay tuned!

About the project


About the creator

Miklos Barton

Product Designer

Studied art, design and electronics. Worked for several startups and agencies over the last ten years as an Art Director, Designer and Developer. Currently working at Fantasy Interactive as a Senior Product Designer.

Store my Tone is my personal project dedicated for amateur guitarists. The goal of the project is to support young kids who can't afford expensive multi-effect pedals to remember their settings of an exact song.

The idea of the "pedalboard-diary" came up five years ago when I was playing in of one of my ex-company's band. We played all kind of genres (jazz/blue/rock/punk) and my rig was very limited (2-3 effect pedals and one guitar and a pretty bad amp) for our diversified playlist. I forgot which pedals I used for rhythm or solos and even I took notes I lost it until the next rehearsal where I was wasting time by trying to remember the setup for the exact sound I used before.

Lately I created a prototype and asked some artists around the world to provide some feedback. I haven't heard any bad one yet hence I hope that the product will be successful and I can share it with you guys as soon as possible. Until then – if you like the idea – please support the project by following it on social channels listed below or subscribe with your email address and I let you know when it's ready.

Miklos Barton

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